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Total relaxation or active leisure time? There is a lot to do in Faroe Islands and the activities are suitable for almost everybody. Go kayaking, play tennis or go on a boat trip. Try different types of shooting and hunting activities with guides either in safe shooting area or in the mountians with guide in the rabbit hunting season or at sea in the seabirds hunting season, go on a nature stroll or a tough hike, or take part in a fun pentathlon. For our more stressed guests we offer supervised yoga or meditation. 


The season for Rabbit shooting is in the autumn from october to january and will be an exiting experience for hunters to join the local in this hunting.

The sea bird hunting season is from october to february where the Guillimot shooting at sea is going on. This way of hunting is a special experience for anyone and is recommended.

We arrrange hunting trips with local people.

We collaborate also with event organisers that arrange a program both on and off shore - try it, and you will have a lifetime experience. 


Out in the middle of the North Atlantic with the closest neighbour the coast of USA in the west. And old Faroese saying is "Hjallurin er á sjónum" which means the food chamber is the sea and during centures fishing, whaling and farming provided the population with food. Take a boat trip and experience the outer archipelago environment and its fantasitc scenery, birdcliffs, grottos etc. There are many interesting trip destinations in the Faroe Islands and we are here to make your trip unforgettable.

Our tour boats are safe and comfortable, and naturally we pack picnic baskets with desired contents along for the trip.


Faroe Islands have excellent fishing opportunities. The fishing boats and skooners are licensed, sea safe and fully equipped with, for example, floating suits, rain clothes, fleece jackets and rubber boots for you to borrow. Professional fishing guides familiar with our waters are also joining the tour. During the fishing trip we naturally take the time to enjoy a fortifying lunch at sea, where Birgir´s delicious fish soup warms you up nicely!


For fly fishing entusiasts the fishing salmon in the lakes and seasides is possible as well as trout fishing in smaller lakes around the Faroe Islands.


You are hereby invited to a fantastic sub sea experience in the crystal clear ocean around the Faroe Islands, said to have some of the cleanest water in the world. You will find a wide range of excellent and unique diving sites around the islands, with a beautiful, varied and unspoiled seabed. You can explore seaweed forests, fantastic drop-offs and grottos with exciting animal life.

The temperature of the water around the Faroes varies from 4 to 10 degrees Celsius depending on the season. Visibility is best in the winter months, when the water temperature is low. In the winter, visibility is about 30 metres and the average temperature 6 degrees. In the summer, plankton blooms sometimes degrade visibility. However, visibility varies a great deal and even in summer it can reach 15-20 metres. For maximum visibility we recommend that you take your diving holiday outside the high season.

Diving spots are located all over the Faroe Islands. It is of great importance that you never dive alone, but we also recommend that a qualified leader with local knowledge supervises every dive. There are diving courses for beginners available around the islands.

Certified divers can hire equipment, so that you can explore cracks and look under rocks and also fully appreciate the splendid colours and nuances of the flora and fauna.

The Faroes offer excellent opportunities for diving with seals, a truly unique experience.