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Professional and Personal experiences

The Faroe Islands are surprisingly modern with a very good infrastructure. It is still very remote, so it is a little getaway, where you can meet people and work and discuss in a very closed environment with very little distraction.

Ingo Helbig. Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

It´s a long way from Adelaide to come here for a conference, but it has met all my expectations and just been a really wonderful experience - professionally and personally.

Leanne Dibbens. University of South Australia

You can make great excursions to see the environment, and get to know the islands. So it´s a perfect combination actually from business at one hand and leasure and experiencing something you want at the other hand.

Sarah Weckuysen. UZA Antwerp University Hospital

Closer than you think

Coming here is acutally closer for me, than going over to the West Coast. It's a short flight through Iceland and then coming here.

Ingo Helbig, Philadelphia